Thursday, 6 October 2016

Springing into Gardening Again

Over the past week or two we've been having a lot of grey days in Christchurch. Even a bit of rain. Amazing. But yesterday the cloud lifted for a while and I got out into the garden.
I haven't been very happy with the garden outside the back door for ages (it is still all a new garden after all) and I finally decided it needed widening. So I had a lot of fun moving the brick edge over, digging the garden wider, and re-laying a new brick edge, also various pavers. I like this result much better now. I also added some of my good maturing  compost from my own compost bin because this garden is practically pure sand, and then I visited the wee nursery down the road.
I am going for a beachy-cottagey, retro kind of look by the way.
Came home with primroses, pansies, campanella, stock, hollyhocks, a penstamon and a geranium, and two strawberry plants. I planted the strawberries in my raised garden.
Hosed gardens, came inside and, guess what, it started to rain.

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