Thursday, 25 September 2014

Comforting Lies

It was the morning after. I was in shock. Like so many others I think.
So many of us, we were hoping for so much, hoping for a change of government with the parties on the left having the ability to work together for better government – for the chance to clean up the rivers of Ä€otearoa – for the opportunity to rebuild a fairer society here, where our children do not go hungry in our resource-rich land – and to focus on developing a cleaner, greener, and smarter economy.
Yeah, ok, I get that I sound a bit like a Green Party Leaflet. And yes, I often write long sentences.  If you are going to read my posts here, it is something to get used to.
So here we are, five days after Election Day and still I am struggling with how come so many other people voted for a corrupted right-wing government with a leader who has already been shown up as a liar. This is not the Aotearoa I thought I knew. This is not the Aotearoa I grew up with.
Thus I am blogging again – to communicate my horror – to explore this new reality.


  1. For the same reason as Scots rejected independence maybe? People have been brainwashed into being terrified of the very prospect of change.

  2. Ae perhaps. I agree about the brainwashing. Thing about the Scots though but that rejection was reasonably close as I understand it, 55% rejecting but 45% voting for independence. Which to me makes it an issue that will or should raise its head again. A commentator on our radio thought that the Scottish vote could well be about classism with the more well off voting against independence and the working classes voting for it.

    Here our corrupt rubbish government actually increased its vote and on a third term too. It is the first time under MMP that it is possible a party could govern alone without having to form a coalition although they are still cosying up to their former coalition buddies.

  3. I was sick when I read about the NZ vote. I wondered if people were scared off by "Islamist terrorists" as they are in the US and so they voted for a party who, they think, will keep them "safe". I hope they do not think the TPPA will do them any good because it will not. People do indeed like comforting lies. It is sad.