Friday, 21 November 2014

Email to the Prime Minister of Āotearoa.

Redmayne, Thomas, fl 1880s-1890s. Redmayne, Thomas, fl 1880s-1890s :Attack on the Maori Pah at Rangiriri. [1863].

This morning I sent an email to Āotearoa/New Zealand's wilfully ignorant Prime Minister. I sent it following his appalling comments on the history of our country reported on the 19th of November, 2014. ( I just had to mention the year, some people might have thought the article was dated 1914, such is the ignorance of the attitude displayed).
"When we talk about the treaty and sovereignty and all those matters, [Mr Key said] you take a step back and say well what was really happening. In my view New Zealand was one of the very few countries in the world that were settled peacefully. Maori probably acknowledge that settlers had a place to play and bought with them a lot of skills and a lot of capital," he says.

Dear Mr Key,

Just thought you might need a little bit of help with Aotearoa/New Zealand History.
Someone started a facebook page asking people to send you their history books, but me, I'm a cheapskate.

So below is a website.
"In all, there were an estimated 3000 casualties during the New Zealand Wars – the majority of them Māori. But for some Māori the wars were only the beginning, with land confiscation being the fate of many of the survivors. After the wars the struggle for land entered a new and, in some respects, more damaging phase, giving rise to a whole new chapter in New Zealand's history.
" (from the site)

I hope you realise that it is incredibly embarrassing to the people of this country to have a Prime Minister showing himself to be so incredibly ignorant.
Please up your game,

ka kite,
Liz Odell


  1. "Please up your game." That is wonderful.

    1. lol, well we are stuck with him for another 3 years it seems, would be nice to see a bit of brain showing every now and then. The only thing that registers to him is money, money, money!

  2. Well done, Iri Ani! I notice, like a good conservative, he brings up capital when he means guns and bullets.

    1. To read what Key is saying, one might excused for thinking that Māori were hanging out for centuries, just waiting for the white bankers to arrive with sacks of money. Key did used to work for Merrill Lynch where he was described as the "smiling assassin" so perhaps that colours his view of history.

    2. Colors it considerably I'll wager, Iri Ani. "Smiling Assassin", eh? Sounds like he is as amoral as our investment-shark in USA, the jobs-busting Republican Mitt Romney, who might run for President again in 2016.

  3. Hi Iri I've not been on blogger for a very long time but I'm hoping to start posting and commenting here again a lot more often now . I checked out that web site and.. I didn't know any of that, its awful what out history books chose to omit. Thanks for the info :-)