Saturday, 23 March 2013

Elizabeth - Charity Children

A sad and yet beautiful song I came across by accident on YouTube.
“We are hopelessly hopeful.” Charity Children are two lovers from New Zealand who send their intimate melodies flying through the graffitied streets and smoky bars of Berlin. Soon after Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee fell in love making music, they embarked upon a musical adventure to Germany where their street grown indie-folk very quickly became a Berlin institution - their music becoming a soundtrack to the vibrant but wounded city. Enchanting large audiences with their endearing style, raw energy and miraculous vocals, their ukulele driven sound, so innocent, yet wholly powerful, has the ability to disarm the most robust cynic, reminding those who listen the necessary place of idealism in a less than ideal world.
'The Autumn Came' (their debut album, Out mid-2013), represents a selection of songs written and performed over their first summers in Berlin; collaborating with an orchestra of other musicians to transfer their distinctive streetfolk sound into the studio. Some songs are joyful, some painfully tragic but all heartfelt.
Elizabeth, the debut single from Charity Children’s first album, ‘The Autumn Came’, is a folk anthem written on and for the streets. A ballad of marching defiance; it begins in tender tragedy and builds to a tumult of stirring optimism. Capturing the street spirit of their sound, Elizabeth, a tribute to the bullied and downtrodden, is a remarkable song, a resounding debut from what promises to be a raw and exciting addition to the ‘Indie-folk’ movement.

Postscript 31/3/2013: I just found this nice little interview on Highlight Magazine, click here.


  1. I really like the song and the video, a lesson to those who would kill spiders and rightly so.

    1. Not only a spider killer but a spirit killer. The girl in the clip has the most amazing eyes.