Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What I Did on Saturday

I didn't know these pictures were being taken. It was John Kelcher who was taking them; he is our Waimakariri spokesperson for the Green Party and stood as a candidate in the last election.

We (me with the old lady white hair) are at the Agricultural & Pastoral (A&P) Show at Rangiora on Saturday just gone with Keep Our Assets petitions, anti-fracking postcards (for people to take and post to politicians), Green Party and Anti-Fracking merchandise, and Green Party bookmarks and Green Party balloons to give away. Everything was being held down by wee rocks because there was a bit of a gusty nor-wester blowing.

I'm in exalted company right now chatting with Eugenie Sage, Christchurch-based Green Party MP, who had come out with us and was walking amongst the crowds helping getting petitions signed. This is the second time now, that she has come out with us and it is lovely having her because she is such a genuinely nice person and so very knowledgeable. I was very impressed watching her field from a variety of people on anything from decriminalising marijuana to (unsurprisingly) the Asset Sales programme and what the Green Party think are better economic alternatives.


  1. I take it that was last Saturday and not what we here call "tomorrow", you can never tell with you and your times Iri :-)

    The pictures are really great, unposed ones are always better I think anyway.

    Good for you and the Green Party to be campaigning at the show.

    I hope that isn't a helium balloon I spy there though Iri?
    I spend a lot of time trying to get unions here to stop using them.... not with a lot of success to date - I leafleted most of the worse offenders on the recent London Austerity demo but its an uphill battle.

    We have banned them in our park though :-)


    It looks like a nice day there for campaigning, here Winter is on its way and it looks like it could be another very bad one.

    All the signs are there including a profusion of cotoneaster berries which is usually a good indicator of a bad winter to come. Don't ask me how cotoneasters know how the weather will be several months ahead, but if there are masses of berries at this time year we had better watch out, I do know that.....amazing really.

    Upward and onward :-)

    PS I had to delete the comment to squash a typo and repost it hence the removal above....Not as user friendly as Multiply here :-(

  2. It must be my Firefox spellcheck which underlines in red squiggly lines my spelling mistakes then (Firefox spellcheck underlined as I type), if it is not this Blogspot site (which allows blogspot to go un-underlined as long as it has a capital letter).

    I'm not totally convinced by the ability of plants to forecast weather really. Here it is said that when the cabbage trees flower profusely (in the spring) that we are in for a long hot summer. So I took note that last spring they flowered profusely but sadly the summer was neither long nor hot. In fact it rained a lot and was often quite chilly.

    I think it was the Saturday before last now, of course I am typing to from Sunday morning so now yesterday was last Saturday and not the one from before which was when I was giving out green balloons (the plain unhelium kind). Yesterday's Saturday was spent cleaning out my garage. I never ceases to amaze me how garages accumulate so much junk, especially the junk of other people.