Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Into The Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes

Book Review

It seems to be the fashion recently for novels to encompass two time frames and this one is no exception, but the movement from one time frame to another is well-managed and the story loses none of its tension as we read the unfolding stories of then and now.

So, young man meets young woman and he winds up practically living at her place. All her friends think she's found the perfect match - a good-looking, charming police detective who has eyes only for her. But the truth is far more sinister - he watches her every move and soon she is isolated from her friends (they think she is going mad) - he has total control over her. Four years later she has escaped - or has she?

It is unsurprising that this first novel has won awards already. This is indeed a very intense and gripping account (just like it says on the cover) of a young woman in danger, and from a man she loved and should be able to trust. I was lucky I had a day to myself because I couldn't put it down - I needed to know if she survived.

A Warning

Women who have through violent domestic abuse and manipulation may find this book a very difficult read. 

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