Monday, 13 October 2014

Blimmen Incompetent Females

Crikey! So ya can't have a female or a Māori deputy leader in the Labour Party rather than a white bloke 'cos "we need the most competent person" apparently David Shearer said on the redneck Paul Henry Show last night. (Yet another reason to not bother watching this programme if that's the level that discussion can reach on it). 

So what ya sayin' here Mr Shearer (or should that be Dr - ya know us females are so dumb eh) anyhow so whatcha be sayin' is that females or Māori of any gender, we just not as clever as you white blokes and ya wouldn't want us dumbing the show down eh. Man, and yet it is white blokes what brought the Labour Party down to it's knees in the last election, ya know. Ever since that white chick, Helen Clark left to go international and run some part of the wide world, those white blokes have been running the Labour Party downhill. 

Perhaps Ya wanna check out the Green Party to see how it's done, whatcha reckon, eh?

Friday, 3 October 2014

Oh Happy Day

I've been feeling quite saddened and depressed since our Election Day last month with such a large slide of voters over to the right wing National Party on the back of the huge slump of support to the Labour Party. It had appeared that the National Party had managed to achieve 61 seats which (although this made for a slim majority) would have meant that the National Party would have had the ability to govern alone without even the need for coalition partners which would have made an historic first since the MMP Voting System had been introduced. Right wing commentators have lauding that one up, sickening eh. 

But no more. The writing is on the wall. Today the Final Count has been released and we, the Green Party of Aotearoa, have achieved an extra seat, bringing our count of seats up to 14. Which is the same as last year. And our extra seat has been achieved at the expense of the National Party; they now have dropped from 61 seats to 60 which means they have lost that majority and now must have coalition partners in order to govern. 

And the Green Party have polled the third highest! 

There is a challenge here people. The Green Party is less than 15% behind Labour. Is it time that we became the main opposition party? Could we do that before the next election? 

Final election result

National: 47.04% (60 seats)
Labour: 25.13% (32 seats)
Green: 10.70% (14 seats)
New Zealand First: 8.66% (11 seats)
Maori Party: 1.32% (2 seats)
Act Party: 0.69% (1 seat)
United Future: 0.22% (1 seat)
Conservative: 3.97% (0 seats)
Internet Mana: 1.42% (0 seats)